Commissioned Artworks

Welcome to Dana Rousan's commissioned artworks and design services and artistic collaboration. Enhance your spaces with our customized contemporary and visual art and design pieces.

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Design For Impact - Commissioned furniture piece

Name of Product: “Chit-Chat” It’s an ecological seater, made out of used tyres, fabric and weaving.Perfectly fit for casual seating areas in modern interior companies similar to media gencies, telecom and mobile workspace, where people come closer together for a quick catch-up.

The  flexibility of the design allows it to come in different sizes and the material can be upgraded and customized depending on clients needs.

This design has double impact:1-Saving the environment from waste 2-Employing embroidery making lades


Escape Reality - Commissioned art installation

"Escape Reality", 2018, mixed media installation, 100 x100 cm.

This installation is commissioned for the inaugural exhibition at Darat Al-Funun in celebration of their 30th anniversary in response to the Open Call " Truth is black, write on it with a mirage's light".


Remote Closeness - Commissioned furniture pieces

Part of a 'sustainable' art exhibition with  the above two works- metamorphosis-repurposed sculpture and second hand furniture

These two pieces are my approach to repurposing ‘forgotten’ artworks that I had. I converted two of my previous works “Michael J. Fox” and “Who’s in Power?” into design pieces by adding them to second-hand furniture parts.

This transformation, with added paint and funky design, adds personality and spirit to the finished works.Giving functionality to the mixed media artworks, rather than staying static, allowing them to enjoy their surroundings.

They have a role and reason to exist, not only esthetically but functionally, inviting people to interact with them in a contemporary spirit.
Remote Closeness is organized by a team of interdisciplinary cultural actors from Jordan. It is realized as part of Factory's Public Art Program by the Joran National Gallery of Fine Arts, the Goethe-Institut in Jordan and the Institut Français de Jordanie and funded by the Franco-German Cultural Fund. 

At the current time, please order via a DM on Instagram: