Custom Jewellery & Collaborations

Welcome to Dana Rousan's exclusive realm of bespoke services and artistic collaboration. Elevate your personal style or corporate gifts with our custom jewellery services, tailored to you.

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Personal Commissions

Discover the essence of you in a one-of-a-kind jewellery piece. Dana Rousan transforms your vision into a tangible work of art. From concept to creation, every detail is curated to reflect your individuality. Our personal commissions are a testament to luxury redefined.

Corporate Commissions

Elevate your brand's identity with Dana Rousan's corporate commissions. Our expert artisans craft jewellery pieces that capture your company's ethos and leave a lasting impression. Immerse your business in luxury and distinction with bespoke designs that stand out.


Join forces with Dana Rousan for artistic collaborations that transcend boundaries. Merge your creative vision with our expertise to craft exquisite jewellery that tells a unique story. Collaborations with Dana Rousan are a journey into the world of high-end, personalised luxury.

Custom Jewellery

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with Dana Rousan's custom jewellery service. Elevate your personal collection with pieces that embody your style, history, and aspirations. Immerse yourself in the artistry of bespoke design, where every jewel is a testament to your individuality.


Engrave names, dates, or special occasions on your cherished jewellery pieces. Dana Rousan adds a personal touch to your collection, making each item a timeless reminder of your most precious moments. Personalisation transforms jewellery into a truly intimate experience.

At Dana Rousan, we believe that luxury is not just about owning beautiful jewellery; it's about owning jewellery that speaks to your soul. Contact us today to begin your journey into the world of personalised, luxury craftsmanship.


At the current time, please order via a DM on Instagram: