In continuation to her artistic theme, Love & Everything Else, artist Dana Rousan, launches Dana Rousan Jewellery, depicting life as a celebration of moments in every form and expression, inviting life lovers to collect moments and stay on their toes.

Beyond the tangible surface of life, lie layers of mystery and beauty to explore. Dana Rousan's imaginative jewellery collection takes you there, piece by piece, like wearable marvels. Each contemporary creation encourages you to delve deep, or soar high, in whichever direction feeds your passion... so long as you keep exploring, and keep arriving, no destination is final.

As a celebration of inner power and expression, the following invites curious hearts to pulsate with wonder and whimsy. Each piece weaves a tale of its own...unscripted, bold, and adventurous, just like its wearer. From sterling silver to 18kt gold jewellery, this delicately handmade collection calls on ladies, gentlemen and little ones to discover the excitement of the life less travellled.